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Perigee Corporation toils on the surface of the ocean planet Meridian. An artificial island rises from the waves, and atop the island a luxurious vacation resort is being constructed - the crown jewel of Perigee's business portfolio, proof of their ability to tame even the most hostile planet for human convenience. 

But the company's exploitation of Meridian won't be without consequences. Soon, utter disaster opens the floodgates to an inconceivable secret sprawling beneath Meridian's waters, threaded through the planet's biosphere and rooted in the deepest reaches of the abyss...

The Oceans are Endless on Meridian is a disaster/eco-horror campaign module for the 1st edition of the Mothership RPG, detailing the collapse of an unfinished luxury resort colony on the ocean planet Meridian. Expose yourself to the untamed fury of an alien ocean on 100 richly detailed, illustrated pages.

  • A full campaign scenario, threaded together from 4 lethal acts.
  • Timelines, tools, and timers to help the Warden maintain narrative pressure throughout the adventure.
  • 12 NPCs, ranging from a conspiracy theorist teamster to a desperate xenobiologist, all struggling towards their own goals amid the chaos.
  • 11 otherworldly alien organisms haunting Meridian’s bottomless oceans, each a dangerous ecological puzzle.
  • Intuitive and claustrophobic rules for diving in crushing deepwater, where even moving thoughtlessly can be a death sentence.
  • A variety of ferocious weather events, fueled by Meridian’s vast oceans and designed by an experienced meteorologist.
  • An in-universe encyclopedia of Meridian's native lifeforms, written by a Perigee Corporation xenobiologist. 

  • An information brochure for the Meridian Space Elevator, bristling with information to prepare players for the descent to Meridian. Contains a cutaway schematic of the space elevator, as well as safety procedures.
  • 4 sheets of printable tokens, representing divers, alien organisms and unknown disturbances on the sonar.
  • US letter-sized battlemaps of Meridian’s oceanic depths, styled as sonar screens. Available in color and printer-friendly versions.
  • A tourism postcard handout advertising Meridian’s scenic beaches, with glorious art by Meathamski.
  • An original soundtrack album composed by Jet McFin, featuring 10 atmospheric dungeon synth tracks to play at your table.

Written by Mystery Spice and Jet McFin

Edited by Daniel Hallinan

Creature Art and Cover Art by Sigmacastell

Personnel Art and Biont Atlas Art by Zach Hazard Vaupen

Topological Maps and Structural Art by HailSanta

Layout and Filler Art by Jet McFin

Biont Atlas and Sonar Maps by Mystery Spice

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorMystery Spice
Tagseco-horror, Horror, mothership, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game, underwater


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